Check out what some of our veterans say about working here

Military Skills Translator

Clean Harbors would like to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of the brave men and women who have served and protected our country and freedoms. We are proud to provide our veterans the opportunity to begin and grow their civilian careers. At Clean Harbors we have a long history of hiring our military heroes: from our front line team members who serve our customers to our business leaders and our executive team. We are proud to have veterans from all branches of the military developing and succeeding in their civilian careers.

Our veterans have told us that the transition to a civilian career at Clean Harbors works because:

  • We are focused on safety and compliance while having the ability to follow strict guidelines.
  • Our culture is based on teamwork and chain of command.
  • The work we do on a daily basis, requires precision and communication. In order to attain success, our teams have to pay close attention to their work and understand the directions they are given.

A day in the life

Rhonda Rasgorshek

Rhonda Rasgorshek U.S. Air Force Regional Container Coordinator

“The Air Force gave me the discipline to be at work on time and the attention to detail needed to do things correctly. These skills have been helpful in my role of tracking containers to and from customers.”

Austin Combs

Austin Combs U.S. Marines, Army Reserve Class A driver

“The long hours I worked in the military prepared me to work at Clean Harbors. The camaraderie I find in my shop is similar to what I found in my unit - we’re a tight team. It’s a great career, with plenty of growth opportunities, if you want to put in the work. You get what you give, and that’s what I really like.”

Cameron McLean

Cameron McLean Canadian Army Reserve District Vice President

“I utilize my military skills to build a better team. Enabling people to develop personally and professionally is what drives me. The military continues to help me be a better leader.”

Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey U.S. Marines Account Manager

“When I was hired, I didn’t know the job, but I was going to learn it. Serving in the Marines allows you to adapt to any situation. Now as an account manager, I still refer to the lessons they instilled in me.”

Shane Eisenhauer

Shane Eisenhauer U.S. Navy Branch Manager

“The military taught me about teamwork and initiative. Now, I believe the best thing I received was the confirmation that my strong work ethic and discipline will help me be successful in my career.”

Mason Khamsihong

Mason Khamsihong U.S. Marines Insite Chemist

“At Clean Harbors I found the same sense of community than in the Marines, making it easier to transition. The skills that were fostered during my service were immediately applicable in my role.”

Jamie Bradley

Jamie Bradley Canadian Armed Forces Camp and Service Logistics Manager

“At Clean Harbors, we are given a job, I consider it a mission, and at the end of the day everybody comes together as team to get it done.”

Brian Favreau

Brian Favreau U.S. Army Recruiting Program Manager

“Every day, I fall back on my Army training to adapt to change and carry out the mission assigned. Clean Harbors embraces your military training and cares about the veteran mission.”

Jerry Shavrnoch

Jerry Shavrnoch U.S. Army Senior HR Business Partner

“I never wanted to leave the Army and get a job; I wanted a career. I thoughtfully considered my next mission and Clean Harbors was a good fit due to its core values and being part of something bigger.”

Michael Hopper

Michael Hopper U.S. Navy CleanPack Chemist

“The Navy helped me be successful in my role- from being early, to the knowledge about chemicals. My experience helped me when I switched to doing the lab pack at Clean Harbors.”

Eric Moffat

Eric Moffat U.S. Army Asset Manager

“I started as a maintenance planner and now I am an asset manager. Clean Harbors is known for being a company with different challenges and opportunities.”

Corey Holts

Corey Holts Canadian Forces Account Manager, Production Services

“After 16 years in the company, I get to use what I learned in the service every day- from the ability to lead to the discipline to work autonomously.”

David Nelson

David Nelson Army Reserve Field Services Branch Manager

“Serving in the Army Reserve, gave me the leadership and stress management skills required for an emergency response. Anyone can be a leader, it’s how people react to being put into a leadership position.”

Norman Rangel

Norman Rangel U.S. Navy Branch Manager

“Transitioning from the military to civilian life is easier when you’re working for Clean Harbors. You know exactly what you’re getting into and what you’re doing.”

Chris Gresham

Chris Gresham U.S. Marines Branch Manager

“This company is filled with people who are teamwork and ‘get it done’ oriented- very similar to how the military operates. This is the best of both worlds.”