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The Clean Harbors Sales team members are skilled in recognizing the client’s need for improvement while cross selling a variety of different services and products to aid a diverse portfolio of customers throughout North America. Some of the daily tasks include: targeting potential clients, scoping, bidding potential jobs to negotiating contracts. The Sales team successfully facilitates the complete sales cycle with clients. The Clean Harbors Sales organization provides technical expertise and extensive resources and services to solve any of our clients’ problems which range from small to large in different business markets.

Why work for Clean Harbors?

Our Sales team tells us that they stay with Clean Harbors for the long haul because:

  • We care about your safety.

    We take our employees safety as our No. 1 priority whether they are at work, at home or in transit. Either if you find yourself working at an industrial cleanup location, overseeing work at an oil drilling site or holding a meeting in one of our branches, nothing is more important to us than your safety. You will take ownership of your safety at all times and will be guided by our “Safety Starts with Me: Live It 3-6-5 Program”.

    Learn more about our Commitment to Safety.

  • We possess leading, cutting-edge technology and numerous resources available at your fingertips.

    The Sales team uses a premier CRM system which gives them the sales efficiency needed to excel above our competitors. Clean Harbors offers a diverse range of services providing our customers a one-stop shop solution.

  • We foster opportunity for growth.

    Clean Harbors offers many different career paths to our employees. Many Sales team members started their careers in other positions within the Company and have built their careers as great leaders that not only care about their clients but also about the work they do every day. They encourage a family environment that is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • We provide competitive compensation packages.

    Clean Harbors offers substantial base salaries for our Sales team members with lucrative bonus plans which are designed to promote success both individually and as a whole. Many other monetary benefits are part of our sales compensation packages.

  • We take pride in taking care of our customers.

    Customer satisfaction is a core value at Clean Harbors. Our Sales organization is in the front line to assure that we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations every single time. Not only do they take exceptional care of their customers but they also go above and beyond making them feel like they are family.

A day in the life

meet some of our team

Larry Pope

Driver, National Transportation (Van Driver)

Braintree, MA

Been with the Company since 2008

“I feel that you should always strive to keep growing in your job, every day life, and give back to those who are new on the job. Be a mentor. Everyone has his or her ‘first’ day. Helping them to adjust and grow is a good thing to do for them and yourself.” Learn more about Larry…

Why did you decide to join Clean Harbors?

“It was a new experience for me in the hazmat field.”

What does a typical day look like for you?

“I get up early and do all inspections for my truck, then tag and load it. Then I plan my trip to the Clean Harbors plant that I’m going to.”

John F. Pehowic

Oil Sales & Service Rep (OSSR)

Chandler, AZ

Been with the Company since 2012

“US Air Force, Administrator… this is where it all began for me. Developing a strong work ethic and passion for doing the best I can for everything I did.” Learn more about John..

How did you get to be a professional driver?

“Obtained my CDL over 20 years ago. Tried many different driver positions until I found my first tanker job. I was hauling cooking oil and tequila for a regional food grade company in the Midwest. When we moved to Oregon in 1998, I landed a job with a small 'mom and pop' environmental business. I started as a driver but moved up through dispatch/office administrator and, eventually, Plant Operations Manager.”

Why did you decide to join Clean Harbors?

“I was out of the environmental business for seven years. My wife and I were looking to make a move and Phoenix was the target. I applied at Clean Harbors (Safety-Kleen) and was offered a job with open arms. My passion for recycling and saving the environment is important to me, my kids and their kids.”

Stephen Dean

Winch Deck Trailer Operator

Clairmont, AB

Been with the Company since 2007

“Clean Harbors is truly a great company to work for. I have learned many things, such as safety—it’s not just at the workplace, it’s at home, too. I have had many opportunities to learn new things about Clean Harbors and what they offer as a company. I plan to spend many more years with this great company.” Learn more about Stephen…

How did you become a Winch Deck Trailer Operator?

“I have spent 11 years in the oil patch—lots of learning and training.”

What do you enjoy about your work? What is your biggest challenge?

“Every day is a new challenge. My biggest challenge is to be safe every day.”