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  • Headquarters located in Norwell, Massachusetts.
  • Founded by Alan S. McKim, Clean Harbors began as a four-person tank cleaning business.
  • We currently employ a network of over 400 service locations on customer sites or other sites. These locations provide services such as waste transportation and disposal, laboratory chemical packing, 24-hour emergency response, parts cleaner services, field, energy and industrial services.
  • Clean Harbors serves a diverse customer base which includes various Fortune 500 companies, numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies. We also offer our services through our Safety-Kleen subsidiary to over 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The top five industries to which we offer our services are: General Manufacturing, Refineries and Oil Sands, Automotive, Chemical, and Oil and Gas Production.
  • Clean Harbors owns and operates over 50 waste management facilities which offer a wide range of disposal options including: incineration, wastewater treatment, landfill, recycling and specialty disposal services.
  • Our company is the largest hazardous waste disposal and re-refiner of used oils into base and blended lube oils in North America.

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